What? ’73 Rangie sells for nearly $73k!

ByDean MellorJanuary 21, 2021
What? ’73 Rangie sells for nearly $73k!

A restored 1973 Range Rover has just gone under the hammer and it has reportedly fetched a staggering $73k! Take a peak at out Throwback Thursday offering…

As we’ve seen in previous Throwback Thursday offerings, old 4X4s are commanding some big prices and this 1973 Range Rover is no exception, having recently gone under the hammer for an astonishing $72,500. Throw in the Collecting Cars auctioneer’s fee of 6% and that’s a whopping $76,850!

1973 Range Rover 2

There’s no doubt this is one pristine example of an early Australian-delivered ‘Suffix B’ two-door model, having undergone a complete body-off restoration by the vendor, but there’s also no doubt that close to $80k is some seriously big money for an old Range Rover.

According to the auctioneers, the Rangie’s chassis was sandblasted, all rust was cut out of the inner frame, the body was tidied up and repainted in the original Tuscan Blue, and various mechanical repairs were made.

1973 Range Rover 3

The 3.5-litre Rover V8 scored a new water pump, plugs, leads, belts and refreshed carbies, and the gearbox was checked and resealed… although (typical of any old Landy) the vendor admits it has a few oil leaks around the gearbox.

The interior trim such as carpets and seats is described as being up to showroom quality, while the factory-fitted steering wheel and dashboard remain untouched to “retain some charming originality”, according to Collecting Cars, which adds that the seat belts, handbrake grip and gear shifter are original items and add to the vehicle’s  “handsome patina”.

1973 Range Rover 6 1973 Range Rover 7 1973 Range Rover 8

While the aircon blows “icy cold”, Collecting Cars lists a couple of “foibles”, including faulty dash lights for the differential lock and handbrake.

Okay, so this 1973 two-door might not 100 per cent perfect, but the photos suggest it’s bloody close to it, and there’s no doubt this Tuscan Blue beauty is a fine example of a nicely restored old Range Rover. Is it worth $73k+ though? Yes, apparently it is, because it’s marked as sold.

You can hear the old 3.5L V8 engine purring along in this video below: