Virtual Overland Expo Summer 2020 – see it online!

ByDean MellorJuly 10, 2020
Virtual Overland Expo Summer 2020 – see it online!

Overland Expo Summer 2020 will be a virtual event so for Aussies it’ll be easier to get to than ever.

In a somewhat ironic turn of events for Australians who haven’t previously been able to make it to the US for the famous Overland Expo, COVID-19 has forced the popular event to go ‘virtual’, so now it’s just a few clicks away.

Sure, while watching it online it won’t be anything like the real thing, being able to be a part of Overland Expo Summer 2020 will be better than not being able to experience the event at all.

Overland Expo 4

Kicking off at 12pm ET on 8 August, Aussies will have to get up before the crack of dawn to experience the event – think 2am AEST on 9 August – but it could be well worth the effort with virtual activities including educational seminars, video showcases of adventure rigs and motorcycles, show specials from exhibitors, prizes and giveaways (although maybe not for Australians), and a sample of short films as part of the ICON Overland Film Festival.

Attendees can even “reserve” a campsite in the virtual campgrounds by submitting photos of their overland adventure rigs and motorcycles in full camp set-up. Photo submissions can be either from past Overland Expo events or overland trips throughout the world, so dig up some pics of your rig to get some Aussie scenes in there.

To get an idea of what the virtual event will be like, hit the link to see how the virtual Overlander Expo Spring 2020 event panned out.

Overland Expo 1

The Fall 2020 Expo will also be a virtual event (10 October, 2020) although event organisers are hoping that further Expos in 2021 will revert to ‘live’ status, with Expo West 2021 to take place from 14-16 May, 2021 in Flagstaff, Arizona, Expo Mountain West to take place from 27-29 August , 2021 in Loveland, Colorado and Expo East 2021 slated for 8-10 October 2021 in Arrington, Virginia. Full ticketing and schedule details can be found at the Overland Expo website.

Check out the video below for more details on the virtual event: