Video: Traxxas Mini Moab Adventure

ByDean MellorJune 15, 2020
Video: Traxxas Mini Moab Adventure

This cool Traxxas Mini Moab Adventure video shows how much scaled-down fun you can have whether you’re a little kid or a big one.

This video I saw the other day title Traxxas Mini Moab Adventure reminded me why I’m a big fan of little crawlers. I built a 1/10th scale RC4WD Gelande II a few years ago and then, more recently, I took the lazy route by buying a Traxxas TRX-4 that comes ready-to-run out of the box.

What’s the attraction, you might ask? Well, there are a couple of reasons I like scaled-down rock crawling. Firstly, although hardly cheap, rock crawling in 1/10th scale is a lot more affordable than the real thing, especially when you start breaking stuff, and secondly, after a day’s driving out in the bush, with the camp set up and a coldie in your hand, you can still go scaled-down wheeling without fear of hurting someone or being locked up by Mr Plod. You can also build a track and go crawling at home, no matter where you live, and you can make some pretty cool videos of your adventures.Traxxas TRX-4 Sport front

This video from Traxxas titled ‘Mini Moab Adventure’ caught my eye the other day. It shows a TRX-4 tackling some epic terrain, starting off on some easy trails, crossing a river and then getting into some serious rock crawling.

The TRX-4 is a pretty handy beast for a scaled-down crawler, with high and low range so you can get to the tracks fast and then take on the technical slow-speed stuff. You can also lock the front and rear diffs from the controller, providing great manoeuvrability when unlocked and plenty of traction when locked, and it features portal hubs, which result in plenty of ground clearance for clambering over obstacles.

Traxxas TRX-4 Sport rear

As you can see in this video, there’s also a new controller on the market that can be linked to an Apple or Android mobile device providing real-time telemetry feedback, a virtual dashboard and on-the-go tuning capability.

The Traxxas scale crawler line-up includes a number of vehicles including the ‘Sport’ ute depsicted in this video along with a Defender, G-Wagen, Bronco, Blazer and more. Oh, and they’re available at a number of hobby and RC shops around Australia.