30% better filtration claimed: Unifilter Rampod Powerbox on-sale now

ByJosh NeedsMarch 26, 2020
30% better filtration claimed: Unifilter Rampod Powerbox on-sale now

Unifilter Rampod Powerbox on-sale now and available from May boasting 30% improved air filtration and priced from $449.95.

Unifilter had planned to release its Rampod Powerbox at the postponed Brisbane National 4X4 and Outdoor Show which was would have been held this month. Available from May, Unifilter has decided to release the Rampod Powerbox early.

The Rampod Powerbox will be sold as a complete unit in three- and four-inch sizes with universal mounts, both listing at $449.95. Unifilter reckons it will roll out vehicle-specific versions in the coming months which will incorporate air-flow sensor relocation and other more specific mounting options.

Rampod Powerbox

The Rampod Powerbox features a tapered foam air filter which Unifilter claims offers more than 30 per cent better filtration compared to a standard panel filter. Indeed, for instance, the Unifilter air filter measures 960-square-centimetres whereas a standard 200 Series LandCruiser’s panel filter is 715.5-square-centimetres. The inlets are designed to provide a simple adaptation to 4X4 snorkels, as well as providing an even distribution of air around the conical shaped air filter inside, according to Unifilter. The Rampod Powerbox has an overall length of 270mm and an outer diameter of 200mm.


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