Tactical Cybertruck looks awesome!

ByWes WhitworthMay 6, 2020
Tactical Cybertruck looks awesome!

Despite the Tesla Cybertruck already being fairly tactical and utilitarian, we just spotted these renderings that are actually pretty awesome.

Tactical Cybertruck (8)

We’re not sure about the ground clearance, but the cannon on top kinda makes up for it!

With the Tesla Cybertruck stirring imaginations across the world even before its official release, it would seem that the ongoing renders of the vehicle are set to continue, with some rather interesting designs coming from the depths of imaginations. Take for example the Tactical Cybertruck renderings from designer Jan Peisert at Peisert Design. There are four different renderings and ‘blueprint sketches’ that have been knocked together by Peisert, with a Civil ‘Plaid Apocalypse’ take, a Transport ‘Next Humvee’ design, a legitimate Combat ‘Tank’ layout (with an extra rear axle no less), and a shortened Reconnaissance ‘Quiet Scout’ variant.

Tactical Cybertruck (4)

Solar panels… Not sure if they’re efficient enough to actually make a difference, but it’s an interesting thought…

But it gets better; not only do you have some visual image renderings, but YouTube channel Electric Future has gone one step further and made a 16-minute video detailing exactly what you would need, and how you could actually put these into the field as military vehicles. Electric Future has spoken with vehicle armourers, military specialists and consultants, as well as automotive designers to take the renderings to the next step, and work out if it’s possible and feasible. Turns out, it is.

Tactical Cybertruck (3)

But enough waffle from us, go and have a look at the video below, and feast your eyes on the mil-spec versions of a Tactical Cybertruck.