So, I bought a thing

ByUnsealed 4X4June 11, 2018
So, I bought a thing
The Ev-itor’s column

If you have read any of my editorials, by now you would know I have the back of an 80 year old brick layer, am addicted to Gumtree and like purchasing old 4WDs that I can’t afford nor need. What happens when you combine all three things?


Well, I just bought myself a HiLux campervan, kind of by mistake. And it’s a bloody ripper! I was quite content with getting my GQ Patrol up to speed, and in fact just dropped some serious coin upgrading the steering arms and bushes, etc. Then one Saturday morning, whilst driving down the Great Western Highway, I spotted the Lux. It was like that scene in the movie Anchorman, when Ron Burgundy first saw Veronica Corningstone; all I could muster was a word that resembled “auuuhhhh” while the smooth sounds of Bill Withers filled my ears somehow. I did a double take, went back and saw the price. Not bad.


So I found the ad online. There were videos showing how it all worked, and I just kept watching them, like all night. Over and over again. I even sent them to my more brutally honest mates, and none of them thought it was a bad idea. “Bugger it, I’m calling the owner,” I said to my wife, who muttered something about buying some new shoes … I doubt she was talking about muddies though.


Dave turned out to be a lovely bloke. He even agreed to drive over to my house, and show me around the Lux over a beer. He built the camper himself, and had just put a new motor in it (there were even receipts for the work … shock horror). I actually know the mechanic who did the work too, who was very enthusiastic about the vehicle when I spoke to him. So I dropped a small deposit down and thought about it … yeah, waste of time. That Saturday morning it was mine. I’ve just taken it out for a shakedown trip, and it needs a few finishing touches, but I thought this was as good a time as ever to do a walk-around video of the HiLux, to show you what makes it tick. I must say though, I really (really) like it.