Rear-drive 2019 Ford Ranger FX2 Package drops in the US

ByIsaac BoberAugust 15, 2019
Rear-drive 2019 Ford Ranger FX2 Package drops in the US

US buyers will get the chance to buy an ‘off-road oriented’ rear-drive only model with the release of the Ford Ranger FX2 Package…dirt-road drift action awaits.

Ford Ranger in Australia is regularly one of the country’s best-selling models but that’s not the case in the US. The Blue Oval has ruled out our Ranger Raptor but is trying to woo buyers with the Ranger FX2 Package.

According to Ford, the Ranger FX2 is aimed at those buyers who want “off-road styling and capability in a two-wheel-drive offering”. Apparently, US buyers wanted something that looks like it’s capable of driving off-road but is only a two-wheel drive. Think urban warrior.

“FX2 expands Ranger’s options for customers who want tough, off-road style with the functionality of a locking differential but don’t need four-wheel drive,” said Brian Bell, Ford Ranger marketing manager. “This is another way our customers can personalize Ranger to match their lifestyle while getting a great value.”

The Ranger FX2 Package includes, 17- or cost-optional 18-inch off-road wheels, a front underbody guard and air dam-delete, it also gets an electronic-locking rear differential and off-road-tuned suspension (but it’s not intended for off-roading, hmmm). It also adds Ford’s off-road cluster screen so that drivers can see pitch, roll and yaw in real time – because we all need that.

Question: Would the FX2 Package work in Australia?