New ARB Fridge Power Pack for true portable cooling

ByUnsealed 4X4September 29, 2020
New ARB Fridge Power Pack for true portable cooling

ARB has released a Fridge Power Pack that allows you to run your portable fridge/freezer away from your vehicle.

The ARB Fridge Power Pack features a 15Ah lithium battery packaged in a compact housing with rubberised magnets so it can be quickly and easily attached to the side of various ARB fridge/freezers.

The Fridge Power Pack is easy to use; once attached to the side of your fridge just plug it into the fridge’s 12V DC power inlet, press a button to turn it on and your fridge will run for up to 18 hours. Although it will operate on all ARB fridge/freezers, ARB points out that the 18-hour test was conducted on a 44L Zero fridge/freezer set at 4°C in 25°C ambient temperature. If you have a larger fridge or you’re running it in hot temperatures, you can expect shorter battery life.Arbzerofridgefreezerpowerpackstudio1219 006 Edit

Tipping the scales at just 1.65kg, the Fridge Power Pack doesn’t add too much weight to the fridge, ensuring it remains easily portable, and ideally suited to those occasions when you need to run it away from your vehicle, such as at campsites with ‘dreaded’ bollards, out on a boat, at picnics or down at the beach.

The power pack can be fully charged in around five to six hours using the supplied power cord. It features LED indicators to show battery level and is claimed to have an IP66 waterproof/dust-proof rating, so spillages won’t present a problem.

ARB says the power pack is compatible with the Classic Series I and II, the ZERO and the Elements fridges.

RRP: $399
Website: ARB

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