Mitsubishi 10-year warranty gets ACCC green light

ByDean MellorDecember 18, 2020
Mitsubishi 10-year warranty gets ACCC green light

The ACCC has today issued a notice announcing the Mitsubishi 10-year warranty and capped-price service program – Diamond Advantage – will be allowed to stand.  

The ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) has today announced that the controversial Mitsubishi 10-year warranty – the Diamond Advantage program – has been given the green light.

The new Diamond Advantage program provides Mitsubishi owners with a 10-year/200,000km new-car warranty, 10-year capped price servicing and 4-year roadside assistance, so long as they service their vehicle with an authorised Mitsubishi Dealer. If owners choose not service with a Mitsubishi dealer, they are still covered by Mitsubishi’s standard 5-year warranty.

Earlier this year, the AAAA (Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association) opposed the introduction of Mitsubishi’s the Diamond Advantage program on the grounds that the warranty conditions would restrict customer choice and would be a significant threat to the automotive aftermarket industry.

In October this year, the ACCC released a statement highlighting its reasons for concern over the program. It stated: “In short, MMAL already offer a 5 years warranty, and they acknowledge that (under ACL) vehicles don’t have to be serviced by Dealership in order for warranty to apply. What they want – and are asking for an ACL exception – is to offer to increase the warranty to 10 years, provided the vehicle is serviced at a Dealer.

“We know that if this is approved, very quickly we will see the other brands follow suit – as they always do.

“We object to this Extended Warranty offer because this conduct would substantially lessen competition, and in all the circumstances, will not result in likely public benefit which would outweigh the likely public detriment.”

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After today’s ACCC’s approval, Mitsubishi Motors’ Director of Marketing and Operations, Rob Nazzari said, “This 10-year ownership program was always about putting owners in control, and giving them even more peace of mind. We are very pleased to be able to continue to offer our customers this additional value.

“Every Mitsubishi already has at least a 5-year warranty. With our 10-year Diamond Advantage program, owners that complete their scheduled capped-price services with an authorised Mitsubishi Dealer will enjoy a 10-year warranty, 10-year capped price servicing and up to 4 years of roadside assistance.

“I would like to thank the ACCC team for their substantive review of the program,” Mr Nazzari said.