ByBryon DorrApril 2, 2015

KeySmart 1

Do you have a big unwieldy and unorganized key chain? The Key Smart pocket key organizer is the solution to your problem. This simple little device allows you to organize your keys in a sleek stylish package, that is way less bulky to carry around and much easier to slide in and out of your pocket.

KeySmart 2 KeySmart 3The Key Smart system comes in two styles, standard (10-50mm keys) and Extended (56-80mm keys), two materials, aluminum and titanium, and is offered in 8 colors. There are a bunch of different accessories for even more utility; USB drives, bottle openers, pocket clips, quick disconnects, lanyards, quick retracts and expansion kits, which can make your Key Smart system accommodate up to 100 keys!

KeySmart 4KeySmart 5Because some bulky keys don’t fit well, or at all, in the Key Smart system, each unit includes a loop ring. This little ring allows you attach big keys, vehicle key fobs and external accessories.


Key Smart is a great way to get your vehicle and every day carry keys organized in a sleek stylish package.