Industry News: Just4Kids Cape York 2017

ByUnsealed 4X4January 16, 2017
Industry News: Just4Kids Cape York 2017

As featured in Issue 30 of Unsealed 4X4, the magazine is proud to be supporting the 2017 Just4Kids Cape York Safari… so we thought we’d have a bit more of an in-depth look at this great event and some of the locations and activities they’ll be covering on the tour.




The Lions Den Hotel on the Daintree

The Lions Den Hotel, established in 1875, is a landmark hotel made of timber and iron famous for its quirky decorations and walls adorned with visitors’ signatures. Set on the lush banks of the Little Annan River, surrounded by 100-year-old mango trees and tropical landscapes, the Den is the perfect place to visit the ‘real’ Australia. This will be the lunch stop on Day 1 as we follow the Daintree to Endeavour Falls.


The Guurrbi Tour

A great start after breakfast
on Day 2 out of Endeavour Falls.

The tour is led by Willie. In 2007 he received the Gnunkai Best Indigenous Tour Guide Award, and in 2008 he was particularly proud to be named Cook Shire’s Citizen of the Year. The award recognised his contribution to promoting the region and its Aboriginal culture; his work with at-risk youth; and his great contribution to increasing the understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and communities. Today Willie’s magical Aboriginal tours are recognised among Australia’s ‘must-do’ experiences, and his small business has received a host of accolades both here and overseas.

This only recently-discovered heritage site is no doubt one of FNQ’s best Indigenous original rock art sites with a huge variety of earth paintings. An easy walk for everyone, including children.


The Old Telegraph Track or Line

The name says it all. Originally a horse track forged by the Jardine explorers sent to develop the Cape and set up the capital of Qld at Somerset on the Tip.

The Just4Kids circuit will give three options on the day – depending on the wet season; how adventurous you may want to be; or even the option of skirting around it all and meeting up for dinner at the Jardine River. The Old Telegraph Track has its challenges with a few steep drop-offs; and if you go the full length there’s a couple of deep water crossings (optional). It is a day that you will talk about forever. Our motor trail director first covered the track in 1972 and he still puts it as his No. 1 off-road enjoyment.


Frenchman Track

Every bit as challenging as the OTL, this will test your low-range and hill-climb abilities with a dose of corrugations thrown in. If you like off-roading you must do this excursion on your way to the top. We think its challenges are all part of getting to the Tip of Oz. You will cross the Pascoe River and have a BBQ lunch on the banks of the mighty Wenlock. The rivers have good rock bases and are short crossings. Great photo opportunities.


Cultural dancing

The Just4Kids motor trail has supported the area over many years, so we were delighted when the dancers agreed to perform for us. You can only enjoy this very special event when you are on one of our adventures.

The rich cultural heritage is displayed during various dances, with the younger members learning their history during each ceremonial dance.  


Loyalty Beach

You cannot get much better than this. A caravan park/camping area on the beachfront on the way to the tip. Fantastic Top End sunsets… and situated ideally to take any additional excursions such as Thursday or Horn Islands, visiting the pearl farms or organising a personalised fishing charter. Just4Kids can organise any optional extra tours you might like to take. We have three lay days at the top, so plenty of time to take in all the sights and discover the history of this iconic location.


And, of course, the Tip.  

What everyone goes to the Cape for is to stand at the Tip – the very top of Australia. Rumour has it that the government is considering putting a bridge over the Jardine River. One of the most enjoyable parts of crossing the Peninsula Development Road at the Jardine River is the Jardine Ferry. We will be camping on the southern bank of the Jardine River, then lining up to be first across the river the next morning. A magical way to cross from ‘mainland’ life to ‘Cape’ life.  Not to be missed… and all part of your Just4Kids experience.