Hot or Not? Convertible LandCruiser

ByWes WhitworthJune 9, 2020
Hot or Not? Convertible LandCruiser

In this week’s ‘Hot or Not?’, we bring you a convertible 80 Series LandCruiser.

In what could be the most polarising of our ‘Hot or not?’ series of vehicles, we bring you a convertible 80 Series LandCruiser straight outta the US. For a purist like me, who has a fairly mint old 1HD-T powered 80 Series in the driveway, this thing couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Landcruiser Convert (15)

First thing you’ll notice is that with the padded roll bars it looks like some random Yank absolutely wanted a four-door Wrangler, but either couldn’t actually afford it or didn’t want to drive the same 4X4 as everyone else. From there, you’ll notice that it’s actually a high-trim Sahara model (most of the 80 Series Cruisers imported to the US were the top-tier Sahara, VX or even Lexus LX450 models) so there’s leather as far as the eye can see. And then there’s the factory front bumper… I mean, when was the last time you saw an 80 Series with one of those still intact?

Landcruiser Convert (12)

From there you’ll notice the ‘shaved’ lower tailgate (c’mon mate, it’s not a ricer), coupled with the colour-coded wheel trims and the 33-inch highway terrains. But, apparently, it’s had a full respray (removing the plastic door mouldings was a little too hard for the painter, apparently), and it’s got a ‘no button’ soft-top to keep it looking ‘super-clean’.

Landcruiser Convert (3)

Just to make things really interesting, if you want this fine (no, it’s not fine) specimen of an 80 series, it can be yours for the paltry sum of just US $27,000. Yep, around $40,000 dollars here in Australia, but then you’ve gotta pay to import it.

Landcruiser Convert (13)

I’m not too sure what you good folks will make of it, but I’m off to bring up my breakfast… and hug my diesel, Aussie-spec 80 Series in the driveway! This convertible 80 Series LandCruiser is a ‘NOT HOT’ from me.