Hot or Not? Bulletproof G-Wagon – Brabus Invicto 

ByWes WhitworthMarch 26, 2020
Hot or Not? Bulletproof G-Wagon – Brabus Invicto 

Hmmm. Timing is everything and this Hot or Not might make a little bit of sense…an armoured Brabus G-Wagen. You like?

For this Hot or Not? we’ve got something that actually makes a little more sense. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not quite the apocalypse, and not exactly the Zombie apocalypse, but Brabus (the nut jobs behind the 515Kw 6X6 G-Wagon) has just released the Brabus Invicto series 

The Invicto series features a fully armoured version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class four-wheel drive. From hot-formed armouring steel plate, and 3D-printed protection components, the ballistic protection level is stated as being VR6. What’s VR6 level you ask? We’re glad you did… it means it needs to be able to withstand sustained fire from a Kalashnikov AK-47. Yep, really. And if just being bulletproof wasn’t enough, it’s also rated ‘plus ERV’. This little acronym stands for Explosive Resistant Vehicle. So not only can you shoot the thing for days, you can blow it up six ways from Sunday… and you should survive if you’re in it.  

The Brabus team officially released this thing on March 6 this year, and it’s not that we’re saying it’s a coincidence that the coronavirus was starting to take hold, but it’s probably a coincidence… There are zombies coming, right?  

Anyway, back to the vehicles, the series comes in the Luxury and the Mission models. The Mission model is, as the name suggests, a little more tactical based, with MOLLE-system door panels and seat backs, a roof-rail system, a digital rear display mirror, and off-road biased tyres rolling on 20-inch rims. The brochure states it’s made ‘especially with special forces in mind’…

The Luxury model on the other hand, features all the life-saving, doomsday-prepper armour of the series, but lets you get through the apocalypse, or a run to the local shops to get dunny-roll, in style. It features the same armour, as the Mission, however features the finer things in life, including leather, with all of the trimmings.  

We’re not sure if this is the most practical four-wheel drive in the world, but if we’re heading for the zombie apocalypse, why not do it in style?