The great 2018 4X4 sales race

ByUnsealed 4X4September 25, 2018
The great 2018 4X4 sales race

Who is winning? And who is losing?

In a market that overall fell 7.8%, the 4X4 ute scene continues to grow and account for a phenomenal amount of new vehicle sales. Despite the massive softening, 4X4 ute sales grew 6.4%, with the usual suspects leading the charge.

Ford’s Ranger and Toyota’s HiLux aren’t only vying for best 4X4 sales – the volume they sell at each month means they are Australia’s best-selling vehicles overall. They are currently neck-and-neck; a strong surge by Toyota the last two months leaves it leading by only 81 units: 21,897 to 21,816. Between the two of them, they account for 43.3% of all 4X4 utes sold this year.


Coming in a distant 3rd, Mitsubishi’s Triton rates at 13,376. Then comes the Colorado (9763), Navara (7542) and D-Max (7451) in 6th place. Dropping back a little more, the facelifted BT-50 (5278) and Amarok (5246) tail the peloton, so to speak. Toyota’s 70 Series LandCruiser stills manages to consistently grow, with a 24% bump over last year’s numbers (now 5977 this year).

LDV’s new T60 has hit the ground running, with 1557 sold so far this year, easily outperforming the Great Wall Steed (236). And Ram 1500 sales have begun, with 11 registered sales popping up on the list.

Save for the Prado (10,702) and LandCruiser 200 (8,343), 4X4 wagons are selling at more modest numbers. Isuzu’s MU-X is still proving popular among buyers, with 5113 sales racked up. This is beating Pajero Sport (3827), Everest (3135), Fortuner (1930), Pajero (1912), and Trailblazer (1556). Aside from the ute-based wagons, other sales were Grand Cherokee (2620), Discovery (1170) and Patrol (801).