Cape to open as early as 10 July this year… and tomorrow for Queenslanders!

ByWes WhitworthJuly 1, 2020
Cape to open as early as 10 July this year… and tomorrow for Queenslanders!

Cape York to open as early as 10 July this year… and tomorrow for Queenslanders!

Hot off the press is the news we’ve all been waiting to hear: Cape York will be open from 10 July (3 July for Queenslanders), with the Far North Queensland MP, Craig Crawford, confirming that 10 July was “always the plan”. At this stage, unfortunately, those in Victoria will not be permitted into Queensland until the current outbreak in the southern state has settled down.

“That’s the date we’ve always set upon for opening up of Cape York, and there’s no reason we can see for why that should not happen,” Mr Crawford said. “July 10 is what we’ve always planned for the full removal of all restrictions.”

Mr Crawford has confirmed that there have been no cases of COVID-19 in any remote Queensland communities and has said that the restrictions closing off those communities will be made closer to the date. There is a strong hope (and belief by many in Cape York) that the restrictions will be lifted, with access being granted to Weipa and possibly as far north as the Jardine River.

3 July for Queenslanders

If you’re currently living in Queensland, the Cook Shire (Cooktown through to Weipa) opens tomorrow, Friday 3 July, 2020, at midday. This allows those living in the northern state the ability to head north of Mt Carbine where there are currently roadblocks set up stopping people heading up to The Cape. As of 12pm, the roadblocks will remain in place, however, authorities manning the roadblocks will be allowing Queenslanders through while checking vehicles and licenses to ensure only Queenslanders are attempting to travel onward.

At this stage, you may not be able to cross the Jardine to the tip as at 10 July but hopefully you’ll still be able to get to the Old Tele Track in the north, and be able to pick up fuel and supplies (and even run a bunch of day trips) out of Weipa.

Lions Den is certainly worth a visit if you are feeling a bit dry.

Weipa Campground and Caravan Park

We’ve spoken with Brooke, who looks after the Weipa caravan park, about what areas are able to be visited and what visitors can do while up in Cape York. She has told us that she has near enough to a month’s worth of day trips and overnight trips for anyone who comes north, and is unable to get up to the Tip. There are many places and tracks that are able to be driven and visited all along the western coast of Cape York. She’s also confirmed she’s happy for people to use the Weipa Campground as a basecamp, and even has a bunch of maps and areas to visit for those who come to Weipa if further north remains closed in the interim.

We’ve reached out to the Queensland government for more information, but we’re expecting more information to come directly from the minister in about a week or so as to the reopening of The Cape.

We’ll update this story as more information comes to hand but, for now, start packing your bags, as it looks like Cape Season for 2020 is back on! We’d suggest getting in touch with the Weipa Campground and Caravan park to book a spot if you’re keen to get up there soon!