Bushwrapz paint protection for 4x4s

ByDean MellorMay 21, 2020
Bushwrapz paint protection for 4x4s

Got a new 4×4 and not too keen on covering it in bush pinstripes? No worries thanks to Bushwrapz paint protection for 4x4s, which is a DIY paint protection system made specifically for Aussie four-wheel drivers.

Bushwrapz is an optically clear protective film – known as a paint protection film (PPF) – with super-high impact and scratch resistance.

While PPFs are traditionally pitched at the luxury and exotic vehicle market, Bushwrapz, which was developed by Slick Azz Protective Coatings, is claimed to be the first of its kind offering paint protection without a big price-tag.

Maddison Lawrence, Managing Director Of Slick Azz Protective Coatings

Maddison Lawrence, MD of Slick Azz Protective Coatings, with an LC200 equipped with Bushwrapz.

Another advantage of Bushwrapz is its claimed ease of application. Most PPFs are notoriously difficult to apply but in a release sent to Unsealed 4X4, Slick Azz Protective Coatings claims applying Bushwrapz is a simple DIY affair, aided by specific vehicle templates and ‘How To’ videos for each vehicle model that provide panel-by-panel instructions.

Bushwrapz is essentially a sacrificial barrier that helps prevent scratches to vehicle paintwork when driving off-road and if the product itself is scratched, blemishes can be taken care of by applying heat. Bushwrapz is also described a semi-permanent product that has no effect on the appearance of a vehicle once applied.

Custom Design Templates

Applying Bushwrapz is now a DIY job thanks to instructional videos.

Check out this promotional video made by Slick Azz Protective Coatings which explains exactly how it works and just how easy it is to apply Bushwrapz paint protection for 4x4s.

Priced from $380 to $570 depending on vehicle make and model, Bushwrapz is covered by a one-year warranty.

RRP: $380-$570

Website: slickazz.com.au