Bushranger REVO 10s Winch Review

ByUnsealed 4X4March 4, 2019
Bushranger REVO 10s Winch Review
Does Bushranger’s new REVO winch go as good as it looks?
Words and Images by Mark Kendrick

We have had our grubby mitts on Bushranger’s new REVO 10S winch for a few months now, and it’s been fitted to Angus Callinan’s Defender 90 to give it a trial. At first glance, the REVO 10S is a classy bit of kit. The matte black body is contrasted by bright yellow details and a hefty chrome silver free spool handle is quickly seen. The 10S mounts 28 metres of silver-coloured synthetic rope with an offset alloy hawse fairlead.


The winch can be mounted on a horizontal or flat surface, with bolt spacing matching the majority of other winches and bars on the market. The motor and gearbox can be rotated to suit the installation, with four motor positions and 16 gearbox positions to keep the cables and controls where they need to be. The winch with rope as fitted to the Defender weighs 33kg, on par with most winches of similar capacity.

The Bushranger REVO 10S is rated at 10,000lbs, which is 4536kg in real units. Rule of thumb is to have your winch rated at somewhere between 1.5x and 2x the GVM of your 4X4. That makes the REVO 10S perfect for a typical three-tonne dual-cab ute or wagon. The 12V motor is rated at 5.2HP and is claimed to be IP67 sealed against dust and water ingress, which means zero dust ingress and no harmful amount of water ingress at one-metre depth for half an hour. We haven’t dunked the winch yet to confirm for ourselves; the Defender might not be too happy with the winch a metre under!

The REVO 10S comes with an IP67 sealed wireless controller, which can also be plugged into the solenoid unit with the provided cable for added flexibility. The control box is relocatable and comes with two mounting brackets to assist in getting the best fit on your bar. Speaking about the control box, the contactor is rated at 500 amps and is also IP67 sealed. One of the cool features of the REVO 10S is the brake. It is designed to give zero drag when not applied, so powering out, free spooling or powering in doesn’t require extra effort to overcome the brake’s resistance. The brake is also gearbox-mounted, meaning it won’t overheat the rope on the drum. Check out the video as Pat and his boys give it a go!

The Bushranger REVO 10S retails for $995. Bushranger also offer a more budget-friendly version with steel wire instead of synthetic rope, roller fairlead and without the wireless control capability, for $895. Warranty is five years on the electrical components and a limited lifetime warranty applies to the rest of the winch. For more details and to find your local stockist see here.