A sneak peak of the all-new Land Rover Defender in Oz!

ByDean MellorAugust 27, 2020
A sneak peak of the all-new Land Rover Defender in Oz!

We’ve driven the all-new Land Rover Defender in Australia but thanks to an embargo there’s not a helluva lot we can tell you about it… yet.

Yesterday we headed west over the Great Dividing Range and sampled the all-new Defender, both on the road and off it, and we can tell you… well, nothing yet.

Until the embargo lifts on Friday this week, we’re sworn to secrecy regarding what the Aussie-spec Land Rover Defender is like to drive, but we put together this short teaser video that at least shows what a ripper of a day it was out Lithgow way yesterday.

The off-road driving loop had a bit of everything, from steep climbs and descents to rocky scrambles and muddy bog holes, which gave us the opportunity to sample the all-new Defender’s Terrain Response 2 system, while the on-road driving loop had some of the best ‘twisties’ in NSW, making it the perfect location to sample the Defender’s performance, ride and handling. If only we could tell you about it!

So what’s the Unsealed 4X4 verdict on the all-new Defender? Sorry, you’ll have to wait until Friday to find out, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can always take a look back at Matthew Scott’s comprehensive Defender review from the vehicle’s international launch in Namibia, or ‘virtually’ build your own Defender using the Land Rover configurator. See ya back here on Friday!