6 Month Update: Opposite Lock 65L Fridge/Freezer

ByUnsealed 4X4January 7, 2019
6 Month Update: Opposite Lock 65L Fridge/Freezer
Six months and two vehicles later, we check to see how the Opposite Lock fridge is fairing
Words and Images by Tobey Bostock

The modern day portable fridge is just marvellous, isn’t it? From what I can tell over the last nine months, the Opposite Lock unit is no exception to that. Since the first look way back when, the unit has been going strong, as it should. Here are my thoughts since the first look.


What I said we liked:
• Tough exterior and fittings: Confirmed! The exterior sure does take a beating, and the stainless steel looks the goods too. Is there a downside? Well yeah, the stainless steel conducts heat pretty well, so don’t leave it in the sun.
• Proper remote temperature/volt monitor: Confirmed! This is hands down my favourite feature of the fridge.
• Magnetic seal: Confirmed! The seal is great, but don’t forget to latch it on the rough roads; the mag-seal isn’t quite enough in the rough.

What I said we didn’t like:
• Cigarette socket had to be replaced with Anderson: It is what it is.
• The location of the LCD: After all this time, I might have looked at it once. So we can write that one off. It’s set and forget; you never need to see it because audible beeps give enough feedback at powering on and the remote monitor is tops.
• The bag: I think I was a little harsh here; the bag has been pretty good actually, no rips or damage, which is a good thing because the bag is key to insulate the stainless outer from conducting too much heat.

Overall, the fridge has come up trumps. So where are we now?
• The rubber spacers for the basket come off, regularly, which means the basket rubs on the inner, no biggie.
• You can drop a 30 pack of cans straight in, but stubbies won’t stand upright with both hanging baskets in.
• It fits a lot of stuff; great for a family, not so great for a couple. You have to keep the big fella full or it will be cycling way too often – bye bye battery.
• A drain plug would have been handy after losing a few drinks on the corrugations.
• The low height means it’s manageable on top of drawers in the back of your rig without a drop-slide.
If there was only one thing I could change? An insulated divider to convert it to a dual-zone fridge/freezer. Maybe next time!