Windforce launches new Catchfors ATII tyre

ByUnsealed 4X4September 17, 2020
Windforce launches new Catchfors ATII tyre

Windforce has just released its newest budget all-terrain offering – the Catchfors ATII

The Windforce Catchfors ATII is the budget all-terrain tyre that’s claimed to be able to actually handle Australia’s tough conditions. Windforce probably isn’t the first tyre brand that comes to mind when you think of tyres, and that’s likely because the brand was only founded in 2011, but despite its young age, the company has successfully grown into multiple international markets with a range of Passenger, Light Truck and Truck Tyres.

The Catchfors ATII has a number of features rarely found in a budget All Terrain. The LT tyre consists of seven cohesive steel and fabric plies which are claimed to provide excellent carcass durability and resistance to punctures. Other off-road advantages include stone ejectors, while the notched shoulder tread design is said to increase traction in soft soil and mud.

The Light Truck construction is claimed to provide added stability for comfortable highway driving whilst the tread grooves are said to offer exceptional water evacuation for safer driving in the wet.

Windforce Catchfors AtII

The Windforce Catchfors ATII is available in a full range of sizes to suit rim diameters from 15-inch to 20-inch. Prices start from around $179 for a 31-inch tyre and they can be purchased from your local tyre dealer Australia-wide.

While we’ve not had the ability to test the new release from Windforce, we’re quietly optimistic that the seven-ply carcass should hold up well to typical Australian punishment. They should at least perform as well as other Chinese tyres that have recently entered the market and the relatively aggressive (for an all-terrain) tread pattern looks like it would provide decent grip off-road.

RRP: From $179
Website: Windforce Tyres Australia