ByEvan SpenceJanuary 25, 2016


When the rain sets in, your perfectly planned camping trip can turn into a disaster in a matter of moments. But cloudy days and wet weather can’t completely ruin your holiday if you plan for such drawbacks and learn to accept the unpredictability of the weather. Plus, surprisingly, you can have fun in the rain! Here are 10 tips for rainy day success.

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1 Pack rain gear

When packing, tell yourself that you won’t actually need it. But in reality, ponchos are great; and if it’s cold, make sure you bring something warm and waterproof (I have found that even rubbish bags will do). That way, you can still go outside and not be drenched. If it’s raining off and on, or anything besides a downpour, you can still do heaps in the rain – it’s just water!


2 Bring shelter

We have a rooftop tent, so hiding in there while it rains isn’t an option. Pack a second tent large enough for play only; or use an awning or gazebo to shelter under. Camper trailers and caravans are made for rain. Camping always requires disaster planning to a certain degree, so be sure and come prepared.


3 Dancing in the rain

Opt for rainy day craziness and put on your togs. My kids love to run around in the rain and splash in puddles. If it’s warm enough, let them go nuts. Turn your tarp into a slippery slide!


4 Pull out the iPad

Electronic devices will save your bacon. I don’t like to let my kids play on them if it’s sunny out; but when it’s pouring, sometimes you don’t have any other option.



5 Hit the toy bag

I make my kids pack a toy bag on each trip … with Lego, board games, packs of cards, colouring books, craft, water guns and other toys they enjoy playing with. I make it their responsibility. It’s the first thing they do when I tell them we’re going camping!

Old-fashioned fun

Games like Charades, I Spy, Hide and Seek, Chinese Whispers, Duck, Duck Goose and talent shows are all great ways to get the family together and spend quality time having fun.


6 Run for the hills

If it’s set in and going to rain for days, sometimes it’s better to just give up. Check the local weather and don’t be afraid to move your camp elsewhere. If you’re in the middle of a storm on the beach, it may well be confined to the coast and the hinterland will still be sunny – so go exploring!


7 Story time

My kids love a good yarn. Books on tape (via a great app called Audible) are not only awesome for driving time, but can be used when it’s wet as well. Books are great too – hit the local library and see what you can discover there to pass the time.


8 Make friends

Chances are if you’re trying to figure out what to do in the bad weather, so are your neighbours. Get together and form a rainy day tribe. Your kids will be entertained by the other kids, and it’s always good to have adults to commiserate with.


9 Go 4WDing!

Water makes tracks heaps more interesting … more puddles to splash through, mud on the tyres, partial visibility; what more could you want? It goes without saying that we’re not advocating tearing up tracks here though. Always tread lightly!


Words by Christina Wiles Rogers.