Weird Wednesday: Twin V8 Tank People Mover

ByDean MellorSeptember 2, 2020
Weird Wednesday: Twin V8 Tank People Mover

Weird Wednesday just got real weird thanks to this twin V8 Tank People Mover.

How’s this for a Weird Wednesday beast? A twin V8 Tank People Mover that would get you up just about any off-road track… and real fast!

According to a story recently published on Ford Authority, this Ford Aerostar tank was built by a bloke from Colorado who then sold it to Bob Chandler, who’s the bloke who built the famous F-250-based Bigfoot monster truck, which lays claim to being the world’s first monster truck.

V8 Tank People Mover-4

Anyway, apparently Chandler shortened the vehicle, fitted it with twin V8s and eventually covered it in its current Ford Aerostar body, before moving it on to another bloke who, confusingly, is named Chandler Lloyd (Bob Chandler/Chandler Lloyd – see the potential confusion here?)

The second Chandler (Chandler Lloyd, that is) rebuilt the tank, equipped it with two 572 c.i. (9.4L) supercharged Chevy V8s and named it Overtime Traxx. Strewth! Two 9.4L V8s adds up to a lot of cubes!

V8 Tank People Mover-2

Thats 18.8 litres of supercharged Chevy V8 right there.

Now it might wear a people-mover body, but thanks to those two V8 powerplants this beast only has seating for two, ensconsed in a pair of racing buckets and (hopefully) protected by a big roll bar should stuff go, shall we say, off track (boom-tish).

If you like the look of Overtime Traxx, and you’re all cashed up, you’re in luck! It’s currently listed on Racing Junk for the princely sum of US$105K, and with the Aussie dollar currently nudging US 0.75c, that equates to just $143K in Aussie coin. Of course, you’d have to throw shipping and import duties on top of that… and hope there’s no asbestos lurking under that Aerostar body anywhere.