Warn M8274 winch upgraded

ByDean MellorJune 10, 2020
Warn M8274 winch upgraded

Warn M8274 winch upgraded with improved performance and capacity.

Warn Industries has upgraded its most iconic high-mount winch, the M8274.

Warn says the M8274, which was launched in 1974, retains all the things buyers love about the product, including speed, durability, long rope lengths and its famous upright configuration, but the winch now has increased performance and improved features.

The M8274 is now available with Spydura synthetic or steel rope. The M8274-S model comes with 45m of lightweight 3/8″ Spydura synthetic rope and a polished hawse fairlead, while the M8274 comes with 38m of durable 3/8″ steel rope and a roller fairlead.

In a nod to the fact that 4x4s are heavier than they used to be, the legendary M8274’s 8000lb pulling capacity has now been increased to 10,000lb thanks to a new high-output 6hp motor. Other changes include a switch from solenoid control to a reliable and efficient IP68 waterproof Albright contactor.

For improved durability Warn has also revised the high-strength polymer control pack, added a new stainless-steel clutch handle, installed two Oilite bushings on the pinion gear assembly and fitted a bolt-and-washer assembly which replaces the previous retaining ring on the brake shaft.

Warn 8274

The M8274-S model comes with 45m of lightweight 3/8″ Spydura synthetic rope.

Warn is keen to point out that the M8274 will continue to be the fastest offering in the entire Warn range (79.1 ft/min at 0 load) and the fastest full-load capacity winch the company has ever produced (7.7 ft/min at 10,000lb). And it will continue to be built in Warn’s USA factory in Clackamas, Oregon.

Despite the upgrades and pulling capacity increase to the M8274 high-mount winch, Australian distributor ARB says prices will remain unchanged. But bear in mind this is an expensive unit, with the steel cable model retailing for just over $4000 and the synthetic rope model for just over $4600. Warn winches are also distributed in Australia by Ateco Equipment.