Video: Evolution of the Ford Bronco

ByDean MellorMay 4, 2020
Video: Evolution of the Ford Bronco

The new Ford Bronco might not be coming to Australia but for fans who like to reminisce, here’s a cool video depicting the evolution of the iconic off-roader.

In just a minute and a half, the video shows just how much the Bronco has changed, and grown, since its inception in 1965 to the fifth- and last-generation model that ended production in the US in 1996.

1965 Bronco

The original Bronco was aimed at the International Scout and Jeep CJ5.

The video finishes off with the Bronco R Prototype that was revealed last year and is essentially an off-road racing version of the new model that will be launched later this year.

Ford Bronco R Prototype

The Bronco R Prototype was built to celebrate Bronco’s win in the Baja 1000 in 1969.

The Bronco was introduced as a small two-door 4×4 with a removable roof in 1965, as a competitor to the International Scout and Jeep CJ-5. The Bronco grew markedly with the introduction of the second-generation model, launched in 1978 – this vehicle was based on Ford’s full-size F-100 pick-up.

1978 Bronco

The second-generation Bronco (1978) was based on the F-100 pick-up.

Australia scored the third-generation Bronco, which was officially sold here from 1981 with either a 4.1-litre straight-six engine of a 5.8-litre (351c.i.) Cleveland V8. These were replaced by a fuel-injected 4.9-litre V8 in 1986 and the Bronco was deleted from the Aussie line-up a year later, unable to compete with he likes of Toyota’s popular LandCruiser and Nissan’s popular Patrol, the latter rebadged as the Ford Maverick from 1988 to 1994.

1981 Bronco Ad

Bronco was sold in Australia from 1981 til 1987.

While diehard Ford fans will lament the fact the new Bronco won’t be ‘officially’ sold in Australia, there’s always a good chance examples will be privately imported and converted to right-hand drive. Would you buy a new Bronco if it was available through Ford Australia?