Unsealed 4X4 Garage Project Rusty – Reconditioning Rusty’s Diffs

ByUnsealed 4X4April 4, 2017
Unsealed 4X4 Garage Project Rusty – Reconditioning Rusty’s Diffs

In this month’s Unsealed 4X4 Garage, with some help from our mates at Drivetech 4×4 we are going to start to tackling Rusty’s well worn diffs. Now, we know that Rusty has had a hard old life working in the mines, and has been locked in 4WD for most of this time (the front hubs had a plate bolted to them preventing them from being unlocked), so there is bound to be some wear and tear on the diffs.


Once we’d got her up on the hoist, one of the first jobs we did was to check for play in the bearings – which is a good indication of wear, and sure enough there was a fair bit at either end. At this point we had a choice to make; we could either ignore it and hope the problem would go away (yeah, nah), or get them fixed (which is what we chose to do).


Now although LandCruiser differentials are fairly rugged units, setting them up and reconditioning them does require a number of specialist tools and knowledge. So, with this in mind, we sent them off to our local drivetrain experts – DiffTrans in Richmond, NSW, who have all the tools and knowledge to get them fully reconditioned and set up to help keep Rusty’s wheels turning for years to come. While we were there, we threw a complete set of axle seals in the housings and gave the swivel hubs a once over for good measure.


Check out the video to see how we went about it.