This Unimog Camper fits in a shipping container. Oh… My… Gawd…

ByUnsealed 4X4May 12, 2017
This Unimog Camper fits in a shipping container. Oh… My… Gawd…

We all know about Unimogs, right? You know, those trucks built by Mercedes Benz that have been used in just about every defence force in the world and have more ground clearance than a giraffe? Yep, those ones.


Recently, during our regular inspection of the Internet when we should have otherwise being working, we stumbled across Unicat Expedition Vehicles. At that moment everything else in our lives became irrelevant.


So what’s so cool about these things? I mean, sure, the Unimog on its own is close to the ‘perfect’ 4X4, but these German nutters have gone ahead and added a camper that’s comfier than a night at the Ritz… and oh yeah, they have designed it so that the entire vehicle can be driven into a shipping container and sent anywhere in the world. Yes!


Just imagine it. Want to drive the Cape but can’t be shagged with the few thousand kays’ drive to Cairns? Throw your rig on a boat and fly over to meet it a couple of weeks later to start your journey up north. Or, when you’ve driven the Simmo 30 times and you’re yearning for some different grit in between your toes, post that bad boy over to Africa and conquer the Sahara; or Iceland; or South America. The world really is your playground with this thing, and we’re probably going to need a moment to get our drooling under control.


Each unit is built to owner requirements so it’s hard to pin down a price (plus our German is limited to ‘Kompressor’ (supercharger) which doesn’t really help); but expect to pay around the £300,000 mark – which ain’t cheap. But when you consider pulling up in the Mojave Desert, or an icefloe just outside Reykjavik, or in the heart of Karijini National Park, you know you’d feel like it was money well spent.