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Evron DC-CF Series 1


Do you love camping, want to go everywhere and have an easy set-up when you get there? That probably means everyone reading this. What are the options if you don’t want to tow anything? The answer is not ‘42’ but the Evron DC-CF Series 1. A bit of a mouthful, but it can be set up in about the same time as you say its model number… or maybe just a couple of minutes longer. You will need to have a tray-back ute; but read on even if you don’t because you may want to sell the wagon and get a ute instead.


It comes in a small black box and is full of features once you hit the remote button to open the package. If you have lost your remote, don’t worry; there is a spare. And you can open the unit with a winder if all else fails. It’s hard to know where to start with this one. How about a queen-size mattress and diesel hot water and cabin heating?


The beauty of this camper is that it will fit a dual-cab ute so you don’t have to leave the kids at home. With a packed height of only 1,150mm it won’t be adding much drag. And it will still let you get under most tree branches or even into undercover carparks. The test unit was mounted on a 79 Series ’Cruiser and was no higher than the roof rack. Good things certainly do come in small packages.


Once the unit folds out, the roof becomes the hard floor – so uneven ground won’t be an issue once the two adjustable legs are attached. Instead of a ladder, there’s a set of stairs that make getting up to the bed a breeze. You don’t even have to go outside to have a shower, as the shower cubicle attaches to the tent with an internal door. A hot/cold mixer tap is included, of course. Sounds more like a split-level unit.


If you have the need for a midnight snack, there’s still no need to go outside of the tent. The mirror above the last step also doubles as a hatch into the pantry. Two large drawers are located under the bed and can be accessed from both inside and outside. Large windows on all sides of the tent bring the outside in while keeping the insects out. Great in summer to catch any breeze on offer.


Yes, it does have a tent… which means canvas. There’s a tropical roof which will keep the interior cooler in summer and warmer in winter while shedding most of the rain so the inner tent remains mostly dry. Generally the only way to get away from canvas is to get a motorhome or tow a van – but then you limit where you can go.


The external shell of this Travelander model is built with carbon fibre which makes it both lightweight and strong. Using carbon fibre and fibreglass allows the staircase to be moulded into the structure. Other features can be moulded in, making for very clean lines and some innovative elements.


The kitchen boasts many of these innovative features. An upright 90L fridge/freezer has been manufactured to fit perfectly into the space for ease of use and efficiency. A unique feature is the design of the fold-away kitchen. A bench, stove and sink all fold together and store vertically. This design uses minimal space and allows easy access to the stove even while travelling. The hatch that covers the kitchen area also acts as a roof when the awning is not being used.


Above the pantry shelves in the kitchen are the electrical controls including the Redarc BMS. Switches are well labelled and easy to access. The EvaKool fridge control panel is also built in here with a panel to monitor temperature and controls to adjust it. A Fusion stereo is mounted in this space too – but it can be removed and taken to the party.


To supply the power to run these devices, a 100AH lithium battery is standard. This saves weight and space compared with an AGM battery. When trying to fit everything into such a small package to go on the back of a ute, size and weight both matter.


Lighting throughout the Travelander is a combination of white and yellow LEDs. At the bedhead there are two LED reading lights. There are 12V outlets inside and out, with one incorporating USB sockets for all those mobile devices. There are two water tanks totalling 180L (the main tank is 130L). This is all standard so the Travelander is well equipped right from the outset.


If these inclusions are not enough, there are plenty of options that can be added to make life even more comfortable. A full annex with walls, an inverter or even an air-conditioning unit can be optioned. All this means that the Travelander provides a great level of features, comfort and ‘go anywhere’ ability on the back of your tray-back ute. This is a unit that deserves a look if you are weighing up travelling options for your next trip, big or small.


Good things can come in small packages.


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