Throwback Thursday: Immaculate 1991 Toyota HiLux

ByDean MellorJanuary 14, 2021
Throwback Thursday: Immaculate 1991 Toyota HiLux

Immaculate 1991 Toyota HiLux set to sell for big bucks in the US.

Okay, so there’s no doubt there are plenty of old Tojo utes for sale in Oz, but not many, if any, are as sweet as this immaculate 1991 Toyota HiLux we found for sale in the US for Throwback Thursday.

With just 70,000 miles (112,000km) on the odo, the Lux looks like it was just driven off the showroom floor. Apparently it’s a one-owner vehicle and it’s claimed to be totally rust-free – it sure looks it. The asking price? US $45k, which equates to nearly $58k in polymer Aussie notes.

Screen Shot 2021 01 07 At 3.28.50 Pm

As with most US-market vehicles of the era, this 1991 Toyota HiLux is a petrol-powered number, in this case the 2.4L four-cylinder 22R-E engine mated to a five-speed gearbox. The Aussie-spec version of this model grade is the SR5.

One cool feature fitted to this HiLux that we didn’t get in Australia is that trick sliding rear window, allowing your passenger to reach back into the tub and grab you a cold beverage out of the Esky – non-alcoholic, of course. It’s also equipped with a bench seat so three occupants can get nice and cosy in the cab.

Immaculate 1991 Toyota HiLux rear Immaculate 1991 Toyota HiLux engine Immaculate 1991 Toyota HiLux underside Immaculate 1991 Toyota HiLux gear lever

A quick peak underneath suggests this HiLux has never seen a dirt road, let alone any off-road action – it’s bloody immaculate under there, with barely a scratch to be seen on the diff pumpkin, the exhaust system, the fuel tank guard or the centre cross member. It also runs a tub-liner, so the tray is in great nick too.

This 1991 Toyota HiLux isn’t the only uber-schmick 4X4 listed on the Vanguard Motor Sales website. Take a look for yourself: there’s an oh-so-sweet 1967 Chevrolet K-20 4X4 Pickup, a 1971 Ford F100 4X4, a ’72 GMC, a ’77 F150 Ranger, a ’79 Bronco, an ’81 Toyota Trekker (kinda like a 4Runner) and many more classic rigs.

Screen Shot 2021 01 07 At 3.57.25 Pm Immaculate 1991 Toyota HiLux odo Immaculate 1991 Toyota HiLux gear lever Immaculate 1991 Toyota HiLux detail

Can’t get enough of this sweet Lux? Check out the video below for more: