The Ev’itor’s Column: Disgusting campers – complete lack of etiquette

ByUnsealed 4X4February 4, 2019
The Ev’itor’s Column: Disgusting campers – complete lack of etiquette
Christmas holidays bring out the best and worst in some people

If you spent anytime on Facebook over the holidays, you would have noticed a few grubs leaving rubbish scattered all over some campsites and being shamed for their actions. The main image that stuck with me was taken at Blacksmiths Beach, where someone had decided to leave a trashed gazebo, chairs and basically their entire camping set-up on the beach after they have had their fun. Must have been too hard to pack it all up, right? Wrong!


These people are what I call blow-ins – the same people that drive their vehicles through saltwater on the beach. The same person that thinks it’s cool to cut hoops in national parks, or chop down trees for a campfire. You see where I’m going here … they are uneducated, and have an idea in their head of what this game is all about but are completely wrong. They come in, do the damage, decide 4WDing isn’t for them and go onto their next hobby to ruin that for actual enthusiasts.

The reality is, I personally feel things have been getting a little bit better on the whole, and feel free to disagree with me. I feel the message does seem to slowly be sinking in: if we don’t respect the bush, it will be locked away from us, like a child having their toys taken away for misbehaving. The sad part of all this though, is it seems that when people do lose their mind, they really lose it. I’ve never seen an entire gazebo and campsite trashed and dumped before. We aren’t just talking about a few cans in the fire here; this is next level. Thanks must go to the selfless people who took the time to clean up other people’s mess; we all appreciate your efforts. Below I’m going to list five key points I feel will help everyone have a better time at camp. Feel free to use them if you agree.

1. Put out your fires, but please don’t just kick sand over them
2. If you can bring the equipment in, you can take it out too, slacker
3. Don’t be a d!ckhead around camp or on the tracks
4. Never operate a vehicle if you have been drinking
5. Read the first four words of point three again.