ByUnsealed 4X4August 31, 2014

Camper trailers come in all shapes and sizes; it’s just a shame that the majority of them look the same (an obese box trailer with a giant muffin top ballooning out the top). Not all camper trailers fit this description, but let’s face it – many do. Melbourne-based Track makes the well-regarded Tvan, something that won’t be confused for anything else in a hurry. It’s a camper trailer with a difference, and talking points that go beyond the unique look.

In terms of build quality, you can’t really get much better than this bad boy. If Wladimir Klitschko was in the market for a camper trailer, I’d bet good money he’d end up with this. I haven’t experienced as many nights and kilometres with the Tvan as others, so I spoke to some people (whose opinions matter) about Track’s prodigal son. The verdict? From the sea of options out there in terms of recreational camper trailers, the Tvan stands out as an individual that is one of the (if not the) best.

What people really get hot under the collar about is the suspension system. It’s called the MC2, and it’s just about the best thing you’ll ever find strapped under a trailer. Beefy, asymmetrical control arms run port and starboard, cantilevering out to control the travel of the wheel. It provides epic amounts of wheel travel for a trailer, whilst also being stable, sturdy and able to take a good load. No wonder the military likes it. The other thing I like about this trailer is that if you want a quick bed, simply flipping open the back sees it done. No winding, sliding or folding, and certainly no pegging.

All of this pedigree and quality does come with a fairly hefty price tag however; expect to pay around $40,000 for the base model Yulara. For that money, you are getting a 70l water tank, space for two jerry cans, a hand pump to the kitchen sink, a 40w solar panel and a tare weight of 890kg (with a 610kg payload). The ball weight is a measly 75kg in this guise, as well. Add another $10,000 and you are looking at a tricked out model with plenty more boxes ticked. It’s also worth noting a quick search online shows that a Tvan will hold its value as well as a 1HD-FTE LandCruiser, so much of the upfront cost is recoupable come resale time.


It’s got a four tonne ATM (aggregrate trailer mass) and 43 inch tyres that weigh over 140kg a piece. It’s Track Trailer’s prototype for the Hawkei Military 4X4 (from Thales Australia, the same mob who make the Bushmaster). The suspension system on this jigger is MC2, the same as their recreational trailers. Cool.

Words: Sam Purcell Photos: Tony Knight