Staff Corner – Evolving tourer

ByUnsealed 4X4January 16, 2017
Staff Corner – Evolving tourer

Since joining the team, Scott’s GU has undergone a number of significant changes after we first featured it back in Issue 16.




We last had a look at Scotty’s big GU back in Issue 16 of Unsealed 4X4. Since then there have been a few changes. Not least the fact he’s joined the team permanently as the Editor of our sister mag Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures.


The truck has also seen a few changes over the last year or so… and yes, before you ask, we’re still insanely jealous – ’cause we think it just keeps getting better with age.


Since that original feature the GU has had a bit of a makeover. It’s still running 35s but it’s now shod in Cooper STT Pros instead of the old BFGs. The suspension has seen some changes too… gone are the Armada remote reservoir shocks. These have now been replaced by a set of very schmick-looking Dobinson’s MRR remote reservoir shocks and 4-in lifted Dobinson’s coils. Which Scott reckons has given a big improvement in ride quality.


One of the things that had been bugging him for a while was the old gearbox mounts were getting a bit worn – to the point that there was some movement coming through the lever. So Scott’s bitten the bullet and dropped the ‘box to get these fixed. Since doing this it’s been much better.


Moving inside, there have also been a few improvements made. Starting at the front Scotty’s fitted a rather plush set of Recaros which should help to keep him comfortable on some of the long trips he’s got planned over the next 12 months.


He’s also fitted one of the new Hema HX-1s to help make navigation a bit simpler when on the move. So far the unit has worked well.


Now that Scott is part of the team and he’s working away from the desk a lot more (and for longer periods), he felt it was a good idea to fit an inverter to help keep his camera gear and laptop running. For this task, he’s hooked up a REDARC 700W pure sine wave inverter which should keep everything running smoothly. It’s actually the same as the one we’ll be fitting to Project Rusty in the next couple of months.


The rest of the interior was pretty much how Scott wanted it. But he has made a tweak to the rear doors by fitting dual DCM 4X4 Customs rear door diners; and these have helped to make meal prep a lot easier. As a side bonus the shelves have also given him a nice platform for the laptop (for photo editing etc) when out on trips.


On top of all this, Scott has also hooked up a long-range tank to the GU which has really been a great help when covering long distances.


We suspect the GU will see plenty more additions over the next few months and you’ll certainly get to see it evolve even further in future issues of Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures. And you know what? We can’t wait to see what he does to it next.