September 2018: Readers’ Rigs

ByUnsealed 4X4October 30, 2018
September 2018: Readers’ Rigs
Brody Richardson’s HiLux 

Brody may be new to the 4X4 scene, but he sure has jumped in head first, buying the missus and himself this here clean looking HiLux. Not one to shy away from the spanners, Brody has installed rated recovery points and ARB bull bar as well as a light bar and spotties on the front. The three-inch exhaust and snorkel helps the engine punt the Lux around on and off-road, while inside Brody has also wired in a dual battery system and UHF radio. Brody also tells us that the 265/75 R16 tyres scrub a bit; luckily for Brody, a suspension lift kit care of our friends at Drivetech 4×4 will make the difference! Congrats on winning this instalment of Readers’ Rigs, mate.


Carl’s RC Colorado

Carl’s RC Colorado is nigh on bog standard, yet Carl has never had it bogged! With 250,000km on the odo, the Colorado has taken Carl all around the Stradbroke Islands, Fraser Island, Moreton Island and Double Island Point in Queensland, so it’s not like he hasn’t tried. As well as being the everyday commuter, house-moving van and accomplished boat tug, Carl has plans to take his ute for a Simpson Desert lap next month, taking in the Plenty Highway, Oodnadatta and Birdsville Tracks. With little more than a fibreglass canopy and roof top tent, it just shows that you don’t need all the modifications to enjoy off-roading!

Aaron Cooke’s 75 Series LandCruiser

Aaron Cooke has a hard-working farm truck in his 75 Series LandCruiser named Agness. Having clicked over the half million kilometres recently, Aaron tells us the ‘Cruiser still gets 500km to the tank and doesn’t blow any more smoke than it should! The 20-year-old ute sees plenty of heavy loads in the steel tray, whether filled to the gunwales with firewood, used as makeshift accommodation with a mattress under the stars, or even having the tray filled with ice and used as a giant mobile esky! Aaron can’t praise his Toyota’s toughness enough, looking  forward to another half million kilometres in her, even if the suspension is a bit on the tough side too!

Adam’s Triton

Adam’s only had his beaut blue Triton for four months, but he’s certainly getting stuck into using it like a 4X4 should be. It’s a 2016 MQ in the GLS spec, with only a few modifications and upgrades so far but a long list to work through as time and money allows. With a boys’ trip up the Victorian High Country looming early next year, Adam’s going to have his work cut out for him to prepare! Being a father/son trip, Adam’s 10-year-old son is especially keen to visit the Ned Kelly Museum at Glenrowan. Good on you Adam for getting the next generation interested in the bush and Aussie history!