Off Road Downunder Slimline Battery Tray released

ByJosh NeedsFebruary 7, 2020
Off Road Downunder Slimline Battery Tray released

Off Road Downunder has released a new Slimline Battery Tray, which is designed to be mounted behind the rear seat of dual-cab utes.

Off Road Downunder’s (ORD) has released a new Slimline Battery tray that’s intended to be slotted into that tiny gap behind the backseat of a dual-cab and the rear wall. Yeah, that’s a tiny space, right. The battery tray lists for $275, and will hold a slimline battery to provide an almost stealth installation. The Slimline Battery tray measures 660mm x 255mm x 120mm, and was purposely made to fit the Invicta 100Ah Slimline Lithium battery. However, any battery with a maximum size of 553mm in length and 112mm in width will fit.

The Slimline Battery Tray offers an adjustable rearward tilt allowing up to 17-degrees of movement. This allows it to be adjusted to match the rear cabin panel angle behind the back seat. Off Road Downunder has also equipped the Slimline Battery Tray with mounting provisions for several different Redarc and Projecta chargers. The battery tray also comes with two Midi Fuse holders. ORD has also designed the Slimline Battery tray with a slightly raised mounting base which allows its fitment over the jack mounting brackets which can be found on Ford PX Ranger models. The tray also comes with two cam-buckle straps to make sure the battery doesn’t go flying when off-road.

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