October 2018: The Evitor’s Column

ByUnsealed 4X4November 23, 2018
October 2018: The Evitor’s Column

What do you wear 4WDing?

It’s simple for me – whatever is dirty that I don’t mind getting even dirtier. But for some, the ‘Overlanding’ dress style has invaded their lives. Pocket on pockets, room for your tactical torch and all the colours of the rainbow can be found in the wardrobe as long as they are Earthy Tan. If your preferred clothing manufacturer isn’t named after a mountain in Utah, do you even really go 4WDing?

I recently saw a boutique adventure store (apparently they exist) advertising a basic red and black flanno for $200 …  yep, $200! Does it do your tax return for you and drive you home from the pub as well? I’ve literally bought entire parts cars for that much money, and had change for ten flannos. But it must be said, I am a Zook owner after all (AKA – tight-arse).

So, we know that 4WDs and 4WDing is insanely popular at the moment, but does that mean the lifestyle has to consume your wardrobe too? I mean all the power to you, spend your coin where and on what you see fitting … and please don’t take fashion advice from me. But if you ask me (not that you should), I’d prefer to wear a 10-year-old ripped T-shirt on my trips, and put $200 into my diesel tank. So I’d like to get your thoughts on this, am I being too harsh here?

Would you spend over $200 on a flanno to go 4WDing in?

As a side note, we farewell long-time staffer Sam Purcell this month. Sam has been with us for six years, first working on the 4X4 Adventures print magazine and later handling all new vehicle tests, news and reviews for Unsealed 4X4. Sam is a true gentleman, and a bigger 4X4 enthusiast you will not meet. He also wears reasonably priced items of apparel 4WDing. The Unsealed 4X4 team would like to wish him all the best in his future endeavours.