ByEvan SpenceApril 1, 2019

2019 April Fools – THIS WAS A JOKE, relax people!

Less than a month after the Liberal government celebrated another election win, they have acted swiftly and dramatically, banning all bull bars from NSW roads overnight. It seems not only can we look forward to four more years of happy property developers and casino owners, but the right to protection and a neat place to mount our light bars has been robbed from NSW residents as well.

The Liberal government are acting swiftly on this too, with Mobile Bull Bar Testing (MBT) vans rolling out through the streets immediately. If you are caught with any frontal protection, penalties include steep fines and a potential impoundment of your vehicle. Those with alloy, steel or any other form of bull bar will be required to return their vehicles to stock form immediately, and at the owner’s cost. This isn’t just in suburban areas – this ban is NSW-wide.

We hit the streets to see what you, the public, thought of the decision. “Yeah, it’s heaps sh!t, eh!” said Barry Thompson of Picnic Point. “Bloody disgrace,” said his friend Tina Smith. “Who are you and how did I get here?” replied another of their acquaintances; he wished to remain unnamed.

Strangely, five-post bull bars on 79 Series ‘Cruisers have been exempted from the sweeping changes, so long as there is a Mack bulldog adorning the bonnet, Kenworth mud flaps to the rear, and a minimum of seven nine-foot aerials mounted to the bar.

Oh, if you have made it this far without throwing your phone or laptop in rage, pinch and a punch for the first day of the month 😉

Happy April Fools … go give your bull bar a hug. And don’t forget, the latest issue of Unsealed 4X4 is now live, and that isn’t a joke 😉