Nissan Patrol to get the Warrior treatment?

ByUnsealed 4X4December 10, 2019
Nissan Patrol to get the Warrior treatment?

The Nissan Patrol could cop the Warrior treatment to create a more capable off-roader, according to Nissan which is looking to create a Warrior sub brand.

Words By Toby Hagon: Nissan’s Patrol could soon get a whole lot tougher, meaner and more capable – using the template set by the upcoming Navara Warrior to create a more capable off-roader.

Nissan is planning an even more capable Patrol that capitalises on the knowledge and engineering nous demonstrated in the Navara N-Trek Warrior.

While Nissan Australia managing director, Stephen Lester stopped short of nominating the just-updated Patrol as getting the Warrior treatment, he said it was one of the cars being considered for the “inevitable” creation of more Warrior models.

“We’re starting to exercise the creativity around what else could work for the Warrior nameplate on other Nissans,” said Lester, adding there would be “more (Warrior) models as we go into the future”.

The Navara N-Trek Warrior undergoes significant local updates to suspension, including larger, more off-road-focused tyres with a wider track (the left and right wheels are further apart), new coil springs and revised dampers. There’s also a new front bumper and significant underbody modifications, including thicker steel protection to protect vital components from damage.

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All the Warrior modifications are performed by Premcar, a respected engineering and manufacturing firm based on the outskirts of Melbourne.

It’s that still-fresh relationship Lester wants to leverage to turn Warrior from a single model into a sub-brand that stands for capability and ruggedness.

“Behind the scenes we’ve been working with Premcar … to work on how we could roll Warrior out as a more robust and significant mainstay within … the lineup.”

The Patrol large off-roader – which competes with the Toyota LandCruiser – is an obvious contender for the Warrior treatment. And Nissan’s popular X-Trail would also seem an obvious choice, adding better off-road credentials to its repertoire.

“I think at this point it’s inevitable,” said Lester when asked about the chances of other Warrior models. “There’s nothing to suggest from my standpoint that we haven’t produced something that can be repeated with another model or models.”

Lester even suggested the N-Trek Warrior could be expanded to include an even more capable model.

Currently priced from $62,990 drive-away, the N-Trek Warrior undercuts key rivals such as the Ford Ranger Raptor ($76,290 plus on-road costs) and Holden Colorado Sportscat ($62,490 plus on-road costs).

Lester suggested a more capable N-Trek Warrior – possibly a Warrior+ or Warrior X – could be created in future.

“There’s probably room even with the Navara,” he said.