Why the new F-250 should be your next tow rig

ByUnsealed 4X4April 4, 2017
Why the new F-250 should be your next tow rig

Torque for days…

… and days, and days.


1,116. That’s four figures of sweet, sweet Newton-metres. That’s 2.5 times what a 70 Series LandCruiser has, and it makes that peak torque at a crunching 1,600rpm. Not far off idle, right where you want it. That’s coupled to 328kW as well, at 2,800rpm. Towing a 3.5-tonne caravan? Peh. This thing don’t care.



It’s adjustable (mirrors, pedals)
No, no. Not adjustable mirrors, like you normally think. These ones (like some kind of a luxury Clearview mirror) move in and out, according to how wide and long your trailer is. Your pedal depth is also adjustable which – combined with the seats (up to 10-way) – means you can dial yourself in perfectly for the long haul.


It has exhaust brakes (and a towing mode)
I mean, come on. Not only do you have 6.7 litres of grunt and compression braking, you’ve also got exhaust brakes. Along with being great for long downhill descents when you’re loaded up or towing, exhaust brakes sound awesome too.


It’s leaner
This new F-250 is made with goddamn ‘aloominum’ panels, which saves a pretty significant amount of weight over the outgoing models. Compared to the steel-bodied older Effies you’re saving over 150kg, meaning you’re handling better, you’re braking better, and you’re using less fuel.


Forget having a 3.5-tonne towing capacity; the big F-Truck takes that limit up to 4.5 tonnes. And although it weighs in at more than most other utes are at GVM (3,487kg), a 9,000kg gross weight means you have so much payload it’s not even funny.


In summary
Big! Big axles, big engine and even bigger payload and tow capacities. And oh yeah, it’s as comfy on the inside as a big ocean liner (and about as big, too). If you’re looking for a tow rig that will barely notice a big load on the back, it’s time to start thinking… what’s the word?