Meet the powersliding Scania AXL autonomous dump truck

ByIsaac BoberSeptember 26, 2019
Meet the powersliding Scania AXL autonomous dump truck

Think autonomous vehicles are a bit dull…not this one. Meet the powersliding Scania AXL autonomous dumper.

Scania is right into autonomous vehicles having conducted trials of autonomous dump trucks at mines around the world, including here in Australia. But this powersliding autonomous Scania AXL concept would have to be the coolest autonomous vehicle. Ever.

There’s no cab on the AXL concept and that means no driver (think: rise of the machines and go to sleep tonight just a little scared of the future).



Speaking about the Scania AXL, Claes Erixon, Head of Research and Development at Scania said, “We already have self-driving trucks in customer operations. However so far, they have been with room for a safety driver who can intervene if necessary. Scania AXL does not have a cab and that changes the game significantly. The development in self-driving vehicles has made great strides in the past years. We still don’t have all the answers, but through concept vehicles like Scania AXL we break new ground and continue to learn at great speed”.

Details are pretty thin but the engine is apparently a bio-fuel jobbie and it sits on top of a regular Scania truck platform. So, while it’s called a concept, this thing could theoretically make it to production very soon.

How’s it work? Scania AXL is equipped with cameras, radar, lidar and GPS receivers. The system is designed for a level that meets the operational needs of mines. “The system isn’t yet street smart but it’s certainly smart enough for being used in mines,” says Development Engineer Magnus Granström, Autonomous Systems Development.