Ken Block drifts the Extreme E off-road racer at the Dakar Rally

ByJosh NeedsJanuary 31, 2020
Ken Block drifts the Extreme E off-road racer at the Dakar Rally

Electric shock…Ken Block, er, silently thrashes the all-electric Extreme E off-road racer on the final stage of the 2020 Dakar Rally.

Watch this. Extreme E electric off-road racers are coming in 2021, and the gang behind the series thought they’d let the world’s greatest Hoonigan thrash one around the desert on the final stage of the recent 2020 Dakar Rally.

There’s a lot of talk at the start of the 12-minute-plus long video, so, for the good stuff scrub to 5:50 and enjoy.

The Extreme E all-electric off-road racing series is set to kick off in 2021 and will be made up of 6-10km-long stages at various places around the world. The off-road stages will be around 6-10 km in length, and drivers will have to navigate through a series of virtual gates. Each track will be made up of five to six gates, with a combination of off-road tracks and open ground.

The format of Extreme E will see two groups of six teams compete against each other in a round-robin tournament. The top four teams will progress to heats in a knock-out stage, where drivers square off in a one-on-one contest for a spot in the final. The series is the brainchild of the team behind Formula E.

What can you expect from these electric racers? Well, it’ll be a control series with Spark Racing designing and constructing the control equipment of the electric racers. Spark will provide a tubular steel frame, suspension and dampers, braking and steering system and crash structure. The batteries, provided by Williams Advanced Engineering will be compatible with Formula E-specification motors and produce a maximum power output of 470kW – the batteries have been tweaked to handle off-road racing. Continental will provide the control tyres. According to organisers the Extreme E racer will hit 100km/h in 4.5 seconds.