Jeep slashes capped priced servicing to $399 across the range

ByJosh NeedsMarch 11, 2020
Jeep slashes capped priced servicing to $399 across the range

In a bid to rebuild consumer confidence Jeep has announced a $399 Capped Price Servicing program beginning in 2020 and that will cover its entire range.

Jeep Australia has announced a flat $399 Capped Price Servicing Program for the first five services covering all new vehicles sold across the range, including the Grand Cherokee SRT and Trackhawk. In making the announcement Jeep Australia’s Managing Director, Kevin Flynn, said this is about regaining consumers’ trust, “We have worked extremely hard to analyse and intricately understand the Capped Price Servicing models in the Australian market to build a compelling and competitive offer for our Jeep customers. This is a key element to enhance customer trust”.

Jeep in Australia has previously gone on record blaming social media for Jeep’s poor performance in this country. It has also gone on-record saying it is working hard to improve its aftersales service. It introduced longer warranties and has now rolled out this capped price servicing plan because it has to do something. Even after FCA’s recent move to give all Aussie Jeeps a five-year warranty, lifetime roadside assistance and capped-price servicing, the brand continues to struggle. From a high of more than 30,000 units in 2014, Australian Jeep sales had slumped to just 8270 in 2019

The flat rate of $399 for the first five services across the range is a huge change compared to the current capped price servicing plan which is wildly different depending on the vehicle. For instance, the first service (capped price) on a 2019 Wrangler 2.2L is $499 while a 2019 Grand Cherokee 3.0L diesel was $665 for the first service and then $1095 for the second service. So, whichever way you look at it, Jeep’s new capped price servicing plan represents a massive saving on servicing costs.

Question: Would $399 capped price servicing increase the likelihood of you buying a Jeep?