January 2016 – INDUSTRY NEWS

ByEvan SpenceJanuary 11, 2016
January 2016 – INDUSTRY NEWS



The yet-to-be-released Discovery V has been photographed in Germany while undergoing road tests. At least they went out of their way to keep it low key and inconspicuous with that ridiculous ‘black and white kaleidoscope’ vinyl wrap. No chance of anyone noticing anything out of the ordinary there guys…

Once we got over the headache the anti-camouflage gave us and took a closer look at the vehicle, we were pleased to see that the Land Rover has retained its overall boxy proportions, albeit with smoothed out corners and a slightly raked rear window which presumably took its cues from the Discovery Sport, the same vehicle being used as the inspiration for this new Disco’s pulled back headlights.

Word around the campfire is that the Discovery is based on the same platform as the Range Rover, which we reckon is a great thing. We put a Range Rover through its paces off-road last year and came away mightily impressed, so that bodes well for the Discovery’s off-road abilities. Good to see that Land Rover isn’t straying too far from its roots, unlike a lot of other 4X4 manufacturers…

There are also reports that the body will be riveted and bonded aluminium, which should help out in the weight, handling, performance and fuel economy departments over the current model.

And while we can’t confirm this as of right now, there’s a rumour circulating that the new Disco will be offered with a petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain at some stage to complement the already impressive boosted petrol and diesel powerplants. No doubt the interior will be comfier than a day spa and feature more electric gadgetry than the Starship Enterprise too. We can’t wait to drive it!


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If there are two things that have gained a heap of popularity in this country over the past couple of decades, it’s Jeeps (particularly since the JK burst onto the scene) and dual-cab utes. No matter where you go in this wide brown land there’s a better than average chance you’ll see one or the other.

It finally seems that Fiat-Chrysler has cottoned on to this and decided to combine them with an all new release onto the dual-cab market in 2017 – the Jeep JK Scrambler. Details are scarce at this point in time, and there’s no guarantee that Jeep Australia will even import them down here, but we’re sincerely hoping they do. It’s like if a Land Rover Defender 130 was gene-spliced with a Wrangler, and the result is strangely pleasing to look at.