James Baroud Falcon 250 Awning

ByDean MellorNovember 19, 2020
James Baroud Falcon 250 Awning

The James Baroud Falcon 250 Awning is designed to be easy to use and offer shade and complete weather protection.

The James Baroud Falcon 250 Awning comes from a European company best known for producing top-quality rooftop tents, but it also manufacturers other vehicle-based camping products as you can see here.

Sure, the Falcon Awning ain’t cheap at $2810, but it’s also no ordinary awning. James Baroud says the Falcon 250 is 100 per cent waterproof… and it’s also backed by a two-year warranty.

The Falcon awning is made from UV and heat reflective insulating canvasses, and James Baroud says the easy and quick set-up is a genuine one-person operation. Once set up, the awning provides an impressive 10 square metres of shade, with a huge covered space down the side of the vehicle and plenty of covered area around the back.

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The tunnel system provides weather proof access from the awning to the tent.

The Falcon 250 can even be used as a free-standing awning when optional support legs are added, although it has primarily been designed to work with James Baroud rooftop tents. As such, a clever and unique tunnel system is claimed to provide totally weatherproof entry from the awning to the rooftop tent.

Furthermore, optional Falcon 250 walls provide a fully weatherproof enclosure.

As well as the Falcon 250, James Baroud offers a range of more traditional awnings.

RRP: $2810 + freight
Website: James Baroud