ISSUE 067 – All-New Land Rover Defender and much more

ByUnsealed 4X4September 16, 2019
ISSUE 067 – All-New Land Rover Defender and much more

In-depth look at the all-new Land Rover Defender, a globe-trotting Troopy custom, whether you need mud-terrain tyres on your camper trailer, and more in Issue 67 of Unsealed 4X4.

In this issue of Unsealed 4X4, we take a look at the all-new Land Rover Defender and list off the five things you absolutely need to know about it right now – and when we say, five-things, we actually mean about 50 things. And while we’re talking Defender, check out our yarn on pricing our own Defender…the price got very high, very quickly. There’s a lot more going on inside our latest issue.

We talk with some of the country’s leading Amarok tuners for our guide on the Amarok 2.0L, list off the problems and solutions of the Ford Ranger 3.2L, and discuss the pros and cons of flashing vs re-mapping. Elsewhere in the magazine we sit down with a couple who’ve travelled the world with their Troopy and, both it and they are still on the road.

We answer the question on whether you really do need to fit mud-terrain tyres onto your camper trailer. Sure, they look good… Beyond that, we’ve got some of the latest and greatest 4X4 gear and reviews of the Bushranger Max Air III compressor, how to replace a busted CV joint, and much, much more.