ByUnsealed 4X4September 1, 2014

The patron saint of journos here at Unsealed 4X4 is Banjo Paterson. It’s 150 years since the great writer was born, and a beautiful big feature in Unsealed 003 celebrates this milestone by exploring the landscapes he made legend through his poems such as The Man From Snowy River and Clancy of The Overflow, plus Waltzing Matilda of course. From the peaks of the High Country to the outback banks of Cooper Creek, come waltz your Matilda with us.

Paterson liked to focus on the bush, but we’ve also got the beach covered with a great guide to 4X4 adventure on Moreton Island. And if you want to get away from the crowds on your next camping trip, check out our feature on Youcamp – a website that lets you access camping opportunities on private land. It’s the outdoors answer to Airbnb. On the vehicle front we debate wagons versus utes, get nostalgic about old things we wish new 4X4s had, and take the new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk to the old gold mining village of Hill End for a test drive. Do we strike it rich, or is it fool’s gold?

Gadgetography is a guide to getting a great night’s sleep in the great outdoors, while for fashion, we look at classy adventure sunglasses. On the maintenance front, electric winches get a going over. We also pose the question of what’s best for you: electric winches or hand winches? This issue’s fishing column is all about catching that famous northerner, the barramundi. So remember, the adventure starts here, with Unsealed 4X4 003