Industry Round-Up

ByUnsealed 4X4March 4, 2019
Industry Round-Up

Rob Boegheim and HEMA
We would like to congratulate Rob Boegheim for his 14 years with Hema Maps, having taken over from his parents as the Managing Director in 2005, and more recently as Chief Exploration Officer. Since 2005, Rob has implemented technology and accessibility changes at Hema including the use of GPS, computer and mobile app-based software, both for the end-user as well as in-field data capture and content creation. We had a chat to Rob, who informed us he will remain on the board of directors at Hema, but has stepped down from active development. We look forward to seeing where Rob explores into the future and we’ll be keeping pace with Hema’s new developments as they arrive.


4WD Action no more
Word on the street is that the Australian 4WD Action magazine is winding down magazine production. Express Media Group have been strangely quiet lately. Subscriptions for their magazine are not being taken, with future issues only available through grocery stores and newsagents. Their camper trailer magazine is in a similar situation with subscription unavailable. Online forum moderators have been told their forums will be around for another six months but that’s the only guarantee. We tried to speak to various current 4WD Action staff members, however the office phones went unanswered.

Ricko leaves The Offroad Adventure Show
Following a highly entertaining fifth season, a change of faces is happening with The Offroad Adventure Show Rick O’Brien, formerly the show’s main protagonist, has departed for a change of scenery. What he’s up to next includes a new TV show, but the details aren’t ready for release yet. The Offroad Adventure Show will continue for their sixth season of adventures, with the familiar faces of Alicia and Jamie, Steve and Jo as well as some special guests.

Skamper Kampers halt production
Skamper Kampers have announced they will no longer be taking orders for their current range of campers for the foreseeable future. Skamper Kampers’ webpage briefly mentions a disagreement with their current supplier, detailing Skamper Kampers’ desire to protect their reputation and the ongoing quality of their product. The company is going to continue manufacturing into the future once another supplier is found. Skamper Kampers are still honouring all warranties and are not insolvent or closing down. They are available for contact directly via their head office at Emu Plains in Sydney.