Husqvarna PW 360 Pressure Washer Reviewed

ByUnsealed 4X4October 17, 2018
Husqvarna PW 360 Pressure Washer Reviewed

Will this washer from Husqvarna take the pressure out of washing your 4WD?

Being the new guy in the office, I am beginning to get used to my role as the cleaner, the man with the privilege of cleaning the 4X4s when they come back from a trip or even before they go on one. Considering my new-found expertise in cleaning, I was charged with reviewing the Husqvarna PW 360, to see how it goes cleaning up some grubby trucks. The PW 360 is at the middle of the Husqvarna pressure washer range, costing $549.


Hose or Pressure Washer?

Can a hose do everything pressure washers do? Short answer: yes, although it will just take you longer. Pressure washers enable you to give your loyal truck the full service, not just a light drizzle of water over some old suds you found. In the drought-stricken state we currently find ourselves in, pressure washers are more water efficient than your average garden hose, while also being more effective. This is thanks to the pressure the water is projected from the Husqvarna, which is up to 160 Bar (2320psi), whereas your standard garden hose is anywhere from 3-4 Bar (40-60psi). In layman’s terms, it’s hitting your car extremely hard to get off all that dirt and mud from your last trip without needing as much water. The aim is to complete the clean as swiftly as possible; the trucks are only going to get dirty again, so a pressure washer’s efficiency and power makes it a must-have for this job.

The weapon of choice, Husqvarna PW 360

The clean

The PW 360 rolled out with ease thanks to its large wheels, along with no cord or hose being dragged along the ground thanks to the clever hose reel and power cord storage. This unit feels built to last, from the aluminium carry handle to metal pump, as well as the induction motor. The PW 360 allows for an easy clean rather than one which ends up in back pain, paracetamol and a half clean, half dirty car. With its two different nozzles (good luck telling them apart at first), and the standard foam sprayer, the Husqvarna presents a handy tool to fully clean your truck.

A bit of elbow grease always helps, even with the wash brush squeegee

The job

For my first crack at the truck I used the jet nozzle, which was successful in sending mud and crap flying off with plenty of force. However, after this initial attack at the dirt it was clear that more was required to clean up the truck. For this, the team provided me with the Husqvarna FS300 Foam Sprayer, which has an adjustable nozzle and saves up to 30% detergent compared to the standard one. To say it lathered the 4X4 in suds would be an understatement; it was like having a snowstorm bursting out the end of the Husqvarna. Once the snowstorm had covered the entire truck, the soap was already loosening the grit and grime off.

Easy clip-on connections with the FS300 Foam Sprayer

Wax on, wax off

With the truck looking like it had just returned from the top of Everest, I had to set about the actual hard part – the scrubbing. Due to the fact I’m not planning on entering a karate competition anytime soon, thankfully I wasn’t left to clean the truck Mr Miyagi-style; the team got me the Husqvarna Vehicle Cleaning Kit. Supplied in the kit is a wide fan jet nozzle, an angled nozzle, and a wash brush with squeegee. The wash brush with squeegee was what I was after as it allowed an easy clean of the suds while still allowing you to apply some elbow grease to any stubborn areas.

The verdict

After a final rinse down, my job was complete and the truck was left sparkling, apart from a few dents. Cleaning a vehicle after a good trip away will always be one of the most demoralising, but necessary jobs. As every spec of dirt and mud comes off your truck, the reality sets in that you have to go back to everyday life. However, as painful as that is, the Husqvarna PW 360 can help make the job easier. The high-quality hose, easy to use fittings, along with the handy hose reel, meant that this pressure washer was the real deal. The Husqvarna PW 360 not only made cleaning the trucks a lot easier, but you could almost say it made it fun; using a power tool like this can put the kid-like joy back into washing your fourby.