Hummer EV on sale as early as next year… but not here :(

ByDean MellorJuly 31, 2020
Hummer EV on sale as early as next year… but not here :(

GM continues to tease 4×4 fans with more images of the all-electric Hummer and says the vehicle will be revealed in late 2020 and will go into production in late 2021.

Preview images of the new Hummer EV, which we published earlier this year, showed that the electric 4×4 would continue with its unmistakeable signature look with a wide chrome grille emblazoned with the Hummer nameplate. And these latest images show off the profile of the new Hummer EV, and also show that its overall shape will closely mimic Hummer models from the noughties, although as well as a wagon there will be a dual-cab ute variant.

Hummer EV wagon

The profile of the new EV closely mimics Hummers of the past.

As well as the images showing off the profile of the new Hummer EV, GM also released pictures showing clay modelling of the electric 4×4 vehicle, and it appears there will be plenty of space for cargo under the short bonnet, which should make up for the short-looking tub on the ute variant. That short tub is a result of the Hummer’s raked rear window.

Screen Shot 2020 07 31 At 1.49.47 Pm

Wide Hummer grille offers loads of bling.

As reported last May, the new Hummer EV will offer some seriously impressive on-road performance thanks to claimed output of 750kW and 1900Nm. GM says this will result in a 0-60mph time of just 3.0 seconds – that’s supercar territory! This will likely be achievable in what GM calls ‘Adrenaline Mode’

Hummer EV boot

Loads of storage space under the bonnet.

Off-road performance appears as though it will also be a priority for the Hummer EV, with GM also spruiking a ‘Crab Mode’, which we assume will be some kind of rock-crawling mode of off-road use.

Like off-road competitors from Jeep (Wrangler and Gladiator) and Ford (Bronco), the Hummer EV will have a removable roof that GM has labelled Infinity Roof.

As we’ve mentioned before, with GM no longer producing vehicles for right-hand drive markets, it’s unlikely we’ll see the Hummer EV coming to Australia… at least in an official capacity. Pity, because it looks like one hell of a leccy vehicle!

See the video below for more teasers.