Hot or Not? Zero Labs Electric Ford Bronco

ByJosh NeedsMarch 3, 2020
Hot or Not? Zero Labs Electric Ford Bronco

Want the look of old school off-roading but the power and design of modern-day technology, this Electric Ford Bronco may be for you.

If you’ve seen the spy shots of the new Ford Bronco but not liked it’s styling you may think that your Bronco dream is over. How about original styling but with better technology than new? Surely it’s hot, right?

American electric vehicle start-up Zero Labs has released a range of electrified Ford Bronco from the 1960s. The Zero Labs Bronco is a fully electric 4X4 with a 70kWh battery that Zero Labs claims will run for more than 300km (off-road). But it’s all about power, right? And the Zero Labs Bronco has plenty of that, boasting 440kW that’s a 450% increase on the original 1966 Bronco. Six-piston Brembos help you slow down just as fast you’ll go.

Electric Ford Bronco 2

The Zero Labs Bronco might look like some sort of restoration job, it’s so much more than that. In addition to the electric powertrain it runs independent front and rear suspension, featuring adjustable FOX coil-over suspension. And it even offers air suspension as an option.

Electric Ford Bronco 1

Before you go ordering your own, you still need to decide what you want your Bronco to be made from. Either from true stamped galvanised steel factory licensed parts, or, carbon fibre bodywork, creating a lighter, stronger, and longer-range Bronco.

However, if you are keen on a classic electric Ford Bronco prices start at, if you need to ask you probably can’t afford it.