Hot or Not? Lifted Porsche Cayenne ready for adventure

ByIsaac BoberMarch 24, 2020
Hot or Not? Lifted Porsche Cayenne ready for adventure

A first-generation Porsche Cayenne isn’t the first thing most of us think about when we’re after a cross-continent off-road, so is this Delta 4X4-tweaked Porsche Cayenne hot or not?

For most Aussies, the idea of a continent-crushing off-roader is symbolised by that darling of Instagram, the 79 Series. But for a South African working in Austria, the idea of a sensible off-roader to drive across two continents didn’t ever enter his thought process. In an interview with Crazy About Porsche, the owner of the vehicle discussed how choosing the Cayenne added to the idea of adventure….can’t really argue with that.

And the early Cayenne’s weren’t as bad as you might think. Beyond saving Porsche from going to the wall it had some reasonable off-road chops with adjustable height air suspension (like a Range Rover) low range gearing and diff locks. It’s still not running the most off-road friendly rubber (the Cayenne’s giant front brakes limit the wheel choice to 20s), but it’s got storage drawers in the back and a roof rack and extra lighting. A lot of the work was done by Delta 4X4 which even managed to add a bit of a lift via spacers.

You can follow the owner’s journey HERE.