Hot or Not? 500hp Ford F-150!

ByJosh NeedsApril 7, 2020
Hot or Not? 500hp Ford F-150!

Australians have long complained about a lack of power in the Ranger Raptor but there are no such problems with this US-built 500hp Ford F-150.

A company that started off modifying Hummers has turned its attention to the Ford F-150. The Mil-Spec Automotive Ford F-150 is a fully customised tactical-style alternative to a Raptor in the states.

Crucially it produces plenty of power, with a claimed 500 horses running under the bonnet thanks to its 5.0-litre V8 paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Like most special editions, there are added appearance packs such as the Baja Appearance Package for an extra US$8600, which includes a Chase rack with spare tyre carrier and two KC light pod systems.

Mil Spec F15

And for an extra US$6000 you can opt for the Baja Suspension Package that increases track width by 13.5-inches over a standard F-150, and lengthens wheel travel to 11-inches at the front and 12-inches at the rear. You also get long travel upper and lower control arms, as well as extended travel front axle shafts and brake lines. The package also includes Fox 3.0 F-150 long travel performance shocks, or buyers can up-spec to a fully adjustable Fox 3.0 shock kit as well.

Mil Spec F150

Being targeted as a ‘tactical’ style vehicle the colour options aren’t anything to write home about – black, silver, grey and white – with the interior also remaining reasonably standard apart from a few plaques reminding you that you’re not in a standard F-150.

Mil Spec Plaque

The Mil-Spec Automotive Ford F-150 starts at US$85,000 plus options.

For more information check it out here